My Z1R Dirt Bike Helmet~ Landed On My Head!

Being libertarian I have no desire to tell anyone what they should and shouldn't do. Don't like seat belt or helmet laws, nanny state crap. With that said.....................

Two weeks ago I was racing my 1974 Suzuki TM100 in the Marty Tripes 100cc revenge race at Glen Helen. Dicing with my racing buddies,having a good time. Old small motorcycle,couldn't bite too hard, right? Wrong. I made a mistake and unloaded hard on my head. It was second gear and probably no more than 15-18 mph. The track is sandy,no gravel or rocks.

Even though the scratches on the helmet do not look to bad, this hat is toast, it's one useful event has been used up. This crash "rang my bell" hard enough for my eyes not to be able to focus properly for ten minutes or so. I did not lose consciousness. The purpose of this blog is a pictorial account of my helmet collection,not about me .I am not preaching here, choose wisely and be prepared to live with your choice

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