Red Metal Flake Templar Motorcycle Helmet From 1973

This red metal flake helmet was sold under the name Templar.The sticker on the back is cool, looks like a crest. I suppose this was to make you feel as though you were one of the Knights Templar.
It has a build date of 1973 by T&C Mfg. This is an off brand for sure.

McHal Paulson Vintage Motorcycle Helmet Flip Bubble Shield

This is an interesting bubble shield with a flip up attachment. It is marked McHal on one side of the bubble and Paulson on the other. As you can see it had suction cups to help attach it to the helmet. The soft plastic band that goes around the helmet is no longer soft so I have not tried to stretch and fasten it. Motorcycle helmets and shields have come a long way since the sixties and seventies.