Original Motorcycle Art

I know this blog is about vintage motorcycle helmets but I couldn't help it. I also gather up motorcycle art. Prints if I can get them but original stuff is what I really like. Motorcycles are not a subject most artist are interested in so that makes it all the more difficult to come by.
The Honda S 90 above is a small drawing done in colored and regular pencil. When I look at this I think that Honda S 90 was either the object of his affection or desire.
This is a Motocross racer done in acrylic. It has a $40 price on the back and a starving artists stamp on it. Hope he got something to eat because I do appreciate having it.

This is a wire art board track racer. It is as close as I will come to owning a boardtracker. Kinda looks like a Harley Pea Shooter.

I don't know what to say about this one. It's done in oil and it looks like an Indian to me. Check out the naked woman on the bed in the back ground.

Classic Blue Buco Enduro Helmet

This is a well preservered Buco Enduro model helmet. It had an amazing amount of dust on it as it has been hanging for a number of years. The Enduro was a nice looking helmet, I believe it was one of their last helmets before they went out of business.
It has a unique shape. The strap with the snap button on back was used to hold your goggle strap. That's what I have been told, never used one myself.

This neck piece on the back is an interesting feature. I suppose the collar of your jacket would cover this, giving you an added layer of insulation. Or perhaps it kept dust, mud and grime out.