Evel Knievel Bell 500-TX Costume Helmet

This helmet started life as a Bell 500-TX. Someone decided they needed an Evel Knievel costume.The graphics are felt cutouts that are glued to the helmet, they did a good job! I have had this helmet for years, I am sure there was once a cape that went with the helmet and belt but I didn't get it. While we are talking about Bell 500-TX's here is a link to another blog referring to a 500-TX I sold on e bay last spring.http://nostalgiaonwheels.blogspot.com/2009/06/bell-500-tx-helmet-is-worth-its-weight.html
I assume it is alright for me to do this as that is my image and was my helmet.

This Weeks Catch

First up is this Arai Challenger. Arai builds quality helmets.

This is a fiberglass jet style. Probably Japanese and from the late sixties.

A red metal flake Grant. Nothing special but I never pass cheap sparkle helmets.

The quilted lining in the jet style is cool.

Next week I will take images of the signature replicas that are hanging. Kenny Roberts ,Eddie Lawson, Kevin Schwantz and Freddie Spencer.