Old Romer Motorcycle Helmet 1950's Era

This is an old Romer helmet that dates back to the 50's. I am sure the paint job is a more recent addition. No idea what the Japanese caricature means.
There is a story behind this hat......I had an original but unrestored Moto One BMX bike. A guy wanted the Moto One but I was not interested in selling, it had been picked up on the cheap! He knew I collected helmets so he scoured the swap meets around Los Angeles until he found this. So for a little bit of cash and this helmet, he is the proud owner of the Moto One. Both of us are pleased.

This is a great hat that any of the current Cafe Racer/Ton Up types would love to have.

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  1. Is it just me, or does this helmet look like something Speed Racer would use? But, really, where do you get these helmets? They must cost a fortune! There should be a "______ was here" somewhere inside, just to list the previous owners of these helmets. I wonder how many heads have braved the road with this one?