How To Clean A Vintage Motorcycle Helmet/ Yellow Buco Enduro

This post is about how I clean my old vintage helmets. This helmet is a very dirty old Buco Enduro. I use any liquid dish washing soap available, the real work is done by the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser pads. This is by far the best stuff I have ever used. Be patient and scrub lightly.
I am not afraid to get the helmet wet, just try not to soak the liner. If your hat has a visor that is not coming off easily use a thin blade screw driver to GENTLY pry the snaps apart where they join. NEVER pry on the helmet.

Once the helmet is clean to my liking I use a light polishing compound. I never spend more than a couple of minutes doing this. My helmets will never be perfect, I just want them clean and presentable. One more note.... I go easy on any stickers or decals. I want them intact as I think they are a time capsule for that particular helmet.

Here is the newly cleaned helmet. A very nice Yellow Buco Enduro with a great checkered stripe down the middle. The visor is a Moto Peak.This is a nice old motorcycle helmet that I am happy to have hanging in my garage.

Side and rear view of the Buco. The stripe is what makes this helmet.

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