Vintage Fiberglass 3/4 Open Face Helmet

This fiberglass three quarter helmet has no identifying manufacturer markings left on it. I would guess it to be American made from the late 60's to early 70's. The button snaps are marked Dot, the liner and padding are good quality. It is heavy.
The layers of fiberglass cloth are visible under the gel coat. I tried to image that here but it may be hard to see. This is a nicely shaped helmet.

Top notch on the inside. The liner has a coating that has a rough texture . The interior has held up well.


  1. I have a helmet almost just like this, have you found out any more information about it? Is it worth anything?

  2. I have not been able to determine the brand of this helmet. In my opinion the older fiberglass helmets are great platforms for custom paint jobs. The Cafe Racer/Chopper/Bobber guys love the vintage hats. Those are guys that customize and change their rides so they are likely to do the same to their helmet. Value?...40-50 bucks maybe.

  3. Where do you sell your helmets at? I'm interested in buying. Please email me at jaredbirt80@gmail.com

  4. It,s an early Bell...I have one,my favorite fits me perfectly.