Silver Metalflake Buco GT Helmet

Here is a favorite with the Custom or Bobber type riders. It is a Buco GT in silver metal flake. This and the Captain America helmet are always the first ones guys want to buy when they see all the helmets in the garage. I believe these are being reproduced in Japan. This one is an original.
Tomorrow I will post a red metal flake Arthur Fulmer.


  1. Are you selling this helmet?

  2. No, thanks for the offer but I seem to be a net buyer!

  3. Well if you ever want to part with it... I'll offer you 600.00 U.S. for it.
    Thanks for sharing, Ben

    Here is my email... benbray10@mac.com

  4. Well... you wanna sell it! 600.00 Thanks, Ben 310-925-6203

  5. Hi
    I have an identical blue metal flake helmet wive the writings "GT" silver metal flake and the front writing "Buco" black on a tape silver metal flake. it's in very good tat.
    How much would it be worth ?
    In waiting of an answer, thank you very much.